Allan B. Loiselle

Basic / Intermediate Tax Tune-up© is aimed at seasonal staff, new hires and more experienced professional tax preparers.    The workshop works from the premise that participants have at least some understanding of tax preparation.  Introduction to Taxation© is for people who are brand new to the profession.   Both workshops may not be suitable for those with advanced tax preparation knowledge or for those who prepare only their own personal tax returns.

Allan’s workshops are sponsored by individual companies and organizations for the benefit of staff and members.    Some workshops are not open to the public; while others are marketed by the workshop sponsors and are available to other tax preparation firms in the area   Closed workshops are great for firms with 6 or more employees.  Open workshops are a good way to reduce training costs for smaller firms.   The workshops work best with 6 to 26 participants.

How it works:  Allan Loiselle provides the workshop, workbooks and marketing assistance.   You provide a suitable meeting space, lunch and break.   It the workshop is to be available to a wider audience, you have primary responsibility for marketing and registration.

To learn more, or to book your workshop, contact Allan B Loiselle at or at (519) 870-1529

Workshops are available only in South Western through Eastern Ontario